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Wairere School Curriculum

At Wairere School we are future focussed with an integrated curriculum that gives opportunities for students to become self-managed, independent learners. They develop knowledge, skills, and understanding through the Key Competencies at the centre to support effective learning.

Classroom programmes give priority to Literacy and Numeracy, with integration of the 5 remaining Learning Areas; Social Sciences, Science, Technology, The Arts and Health, through our ‘Discovery Learning’ process
The school inquiry model for ‘Discovery learning’ details the inquiry steps students need to work through with teacher guidance and at times by negotiation. This process involves teachers developing rich questions to motivate and direct the inquiry, with smaller investigative questions to scaffold the learning.

The Wairere Curriculum is focussed on thinking, learning and creating through ‘Discovery learning’.

Discovery Learning ensures students have opportunity to understand and make sense of their world. It is important at Wairere that new experiences build on existing knowledge and skills through authentic contexts.

Curriculum planning incorporates the Habits of Mind as a link to the Key Competencies to enable our students 
to develop ways to contribute as active members of the community.

Teachers work collaboratively to develop detailed quality planning and set criteria for teaching and learning.  Solo Taxonomy is used to assess the complexity of learning by both the teachers and students.

The Integrated Curriculum ensures students have opportunity to understand and make sense of their world. Where new experiences build on existing knowledge and skills through authentic contexts. The integrated approach to the curriculum is through our inquiry-based Discovery Learning process where students are actively involved in their learning and given eLearning opportunities to support their learning.

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'Quality Education In A Caring Environment'

Zero Bully Tolerance, with great teacher to student ratios

'Community focus, we are one big family'

No zoning requirements, 10min drive from Matamata