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Our Vision: 

Quality Education in a Caring Environment

Mission Statement

Engage children in both structured and self- directed learning which ensures competency in core curriculum and which is quality, meaningful, exciting and challenging.

Use a variety of thinking, learning and creating strategies and skills to become quality thinkers and learners who can transfer their thinking, learning and creating to other aspects of their lives and learning.

Children use quality thinking, learning and creating to generate innovative possibilities and present them in creative and quality ways.

We engage Habits of Minds in all thinking, learning and creating in order to respond effectively to problems, dilemmas and enigmas, the resolution of which are not immediately apparent.

Children’s thinking, learning and creating enables them to contribute effectively to their world and/or make a difference, to show understanding and tolerance of others.

We are confident, with positive self-esteem, living the school values, within a safe, supportive, rural environment.

We will provide opportunities for parents/caregivers to understand and support quality education.


Our Values:

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'Quality Education In A Caring Environment'

Zero Bully Tolerance, with great teacher to student ratios

'Community focus, we are one big family'

No zoning requirements, 10min drive from Matamata