including Pre-schoolers & New Entrants

We are always ready to welcome new children to our school, including those wonderful 5 year old's and believe it is important that their classes are a warm and caring place for them to continue or start their educational journey. 

Either prior to starting school, or on the day of children starting, visit the office to pick up an enrolment pack. Inside the pack is an enrolment form and some other pieces of important information. 

We require a copy of your child's birth certificate and immunisation record before they start our school.  

Alternatively, we have added the forms below, which can be printed, completed and brought along with you.

Parents are encouraged to bring their pre-schoolers along for a few visits prior to starting school.  These visits can be for up to half a day at school, with a parent staying within the school grounds.

New Entrants can begin school any time from their 5th birthday until they are 6.

If you download the Enrolment Form, you can type on the form at your computer.  

Or you can print the form and write by pen.