Mission, Vision and Values

Vision Statement

'Quality Education In A Caring Environment'

         Mission Statement

Our mission at Wairere School centres around 'Mauri Ora' and the holistic wellbeing of each individual child at our school.  

Our defintion of 'Mauri Ora' - a sense of belonging where everyone feels valued as an individual. When in a state of Mauri Ora, all individuals' needs are being met emotionally, physically, spiritually and holistically. The environment feels safe to contribute and learn, and promotes the importance of being authentically heard and supported without judgement.

'Excellence, equity and belonging' are at the forefront of every decision we make at Wairere School. Our goal is to ensure every child has equal opportunties to be and feel successful. 

The three spheres encompassing Mauri Ora in the above diagram guide the work we do at Wairere School.

CR4RP - Cultural Relationships for Responsive Pedagogy - we want to know our learners, their whānau, their cultural experiences so we understand their identity as learners. Once we know them, we want to share the power of learning, understanding that their experiences and knowledge is valuable for everyone.

Adaptive Expertise - we want to ensure our learning is individualised to each learner, and meets their specific needs.  We want our learning to be interactive, engaging and responsive to local contexts. We also want to make sure we are using effective pedagogy, which is proven to support the achievement of all students.

Home, School and Community collaborations - whānau view is important, and helps guide what we do here at Wairere School. Our aim is to ensure we collaborate with our community as much as possible in a way which is reciprocal and mutually respectful. We want collaborations to be child and learning focussed so that together we can create shared, valued outcomes for our tamariki.

School Values

Whanaungatanga Kindness

Manaakitanga  Respect yourself and others

Ako Learning

Tū kaha Perseverance

Rangatiratanga  Leadership

Kaitiakitanga Guardianship